Montaña Mágica Lodge- Chile

Well, whoever designed this resort must have an unhealthy obsession with tree houses or the lord of the rings because this hotel is something else.

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Montaña Mágica Lodge is a truly unique sight to behold. Imagine walking up to a volcano shaped building which erupts water rather than lava every day and being told this is where you will be staying. Containing 13 guest rooms, Montaña Mágica Lodge is located in Huilo Huilo within the jungle territory of the Southern Andes and is surrounded by 30,000 acre nature reserve.  The lodge provides its guests with restaurants, bars, a sauna and hot tubs. A room for 2 will cost $270 per night.

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Arizona- Amangiri

We love this hotel, a complete contrast from our last hotel which was surrounded by nothing but green, this is surrounded by nothing but red (and plenty of landing space might we add). Imagine chartering a helicopter to this resort with these views. Absolutely spectacular!

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Welcome to Amangiri; a fabulous resort which is nestled into the stunning canyon point and surrounded by stunning vistas of colourful rocks and valleys. The resort has been designed in such a manner which reflects its natural surroundings, as it blends in beautifully with the adjoining landscape. Each room is decorated in a contemporary style with neutral coloured materials, similar to those of the views outside.  The resort is located just a 25 minute drive away from Page.

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Costa Rica- 727 Fuselage Home

We’re slightly biased, but we love this! Fancy a jumbo hotel suite? You got it. Deep within the Costa Rican hills, lies the 727 Fuselage Home. As you can see, this 2 bedroom guesthouse is not something you would expect to find in these hills but here it is.

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The custom built hotel is built around a salvaged 727 airplane which has been decorated using gorgeous local materials such as teak wood.  The Fuselage home provides guests with stunning views of the ocean and its surrounding jungle, since it is raised 15 meters above ground. Able to sleep 6; each room has a balcony, a queen sized bed and a bathroom, as well as a kitchenette, AC and a TV. The price to stay for a week in such quirky accommodation will cost guests from £299 per night.

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Hotel La Claustra

If you’re claustrophobic, then this is probably not ideal. However if you love the idea of being 6,725ft below sea-level while you sleep then you’re in your element.

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Hotel La Claustra was previously used as a military bunker during the 2nd World War. To access the hotel, guests must climb through a small hole in the side of the mountain in order to descend to the accommodation. Located in Trinco, Switzerland, this is an extremely different experience.