What a record breaking year for Monaco. With world renowned events such as the legendary F1 and Top Marques,the principality welcomed millions of tourists to it’s elite coastline. And no wonder! With the majority of tourists hailing from France at 17.9%, closely followed by the Brits at 12%, even beating Italy. So other than Monaco being a beautiful and affluent destination, why are tourists flocking in their hundreds of thousands to its crystal clear waters and luxurious winding roads?

Well it would seem that Monaco’s tourism influx can only be in part attributed to the business tourism sector. Many businesses are congregating to Monaco as it is increasingly being identified as a prime location to host meetings, conventions and exhibitions. According to the Monegasque government, the business sector attracted over 160,791 hotel room bookings and with such a destination you can clearly see why.

monaco record conferencemonaco record 1

The glorious Monte Carlo for example, boasts 5 luxury hotels, which contain fantastic facilities for conferences, exhibitions and meetings, as well as the world famous casino. Monaco’s hotel industry is renowned for its elegance and variety in terms of its unparalleled luxury which in turn attracts thousands of business related visitors. As you can see Monaco manages to infuse business and pleasure in a perfect blend.

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