Here you’ll find soft sandy beaches, tropical cocktails and the finest dining experiences. All of which are draped in sun shine, palm trees, bright colourful flowers, waterfalls and warm seas.

When in Hawaii, one should visit the Chef Mavro Restaurant, situated at 1969 South King Street, Honolulu. This beautiful dining experience is home to prestigious head chef George Mavrothalassitis. Here you will find fresh lobster, wagyu beef, fresh local produce and the finest wines & champagnes. Perfect for a Romantic meal, or even a Business lunch or dinner.


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Chef Mavro Official site

Hawaii’s underwater life is truly bustling in colour and vibrance, so take to the seas in your own private underwater scooter tour. See turtles and beautiful coral reefs all within arms reach, on this wonderful underwater adventure. Hawaii offers surf lessons, stand up paddle boards, snorkelling and scuba tours too.

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For exclusive sunset tours and private excursions speak directly to www.islandwatersportshawaii.com or your hotel concierge.


The Hilton Village, Kohala, Hawaii


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On the Kohala Coast of Hawaii you’ll find the Hilton Village, which consists of 62 acres of Private perfection laced with tropical gardens, exotic wildlife, beautiful streaming waterways, live entertainment and boutique shopping . With 6 amazing Restaurants, exclusive water park complete with 175-foot water slide, private sea-fed lagoon, Dolphin-Quest where you can swim with dolphins and the unforgettable luxury health spa. The Hilton has 55 elegant suites to choose from as well as other premium rooms.

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Atlantis Hotel, Paradise Island, The Bahamas



The Atlantis Hotel on Paradise Island is one of the worlds most amazing holiday resorts ever built. With a Casino, many luxurious restaurants, water park complete with aquarium surrounded water slide, private night club, private yacht hire, in-Hotel Aquarium, Private Spa and Sea Submarine tours. This Resort truly is Paradise, .



875 879 1085 1610

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bahamas_hotel_001p atlantis-submarine-tour atlantis-resort-in-the-bahamas-timothy-lowry Atlantis-Resort-Bahamas-Waterslide