If you love all things luxurious, here are a few of the worlds most luxurious events around the world MillionaireFair in Moscow, Top Marques in Monaco and Big Boys Toys in where else but Dubai! 

Top Marques


Top Marques Top Luxury

Top Marques is now one of the world’s leading super car shows. The event has occurred annually for the last 8 years in the splendid setting of Monaco. The supercars exhibited at Top Marques are among the most sophisticated and the latest in cutting edge technology there is. With the latest trend of super car taking a shift towards the more environmentally friendly scale, Top Marques Monaco boasts a collection of the most environmentally friendly and top performing super cars in the world. What a location to test out the latest super cars on a custom designed track on the legendary Grand Prix circuit.


Although Top Marques is primarily considered a super car exhibition, it is also a luxury lifestyle show; showcasing items from bespoke jewellery and elegant watches to super boats, of which can also be made accessible for sea trials in Port Fontvieille. Ultimately what separates Top Marques from the crowd is the inventive use of the Monaco Grand Prix circuit, designed for test drives. When else would you have the chance?

1.618 Sustainable Luxury



Now for Something a little bit different

 1.618 Sustainable Luxury is an event which is designed to refocus the general perception of luxury into a more sustainable practice. This year the event will be taking place from the 4th-6th of April in Paris at the delightfully quirky and beautiful location of Le Carreau Du Temple. The event’s creators are leading the way when it comes to getting the world to look at luxury in a new light.



The event itself attracts entrepreneurs, international community brands, NGO’s and artists which all have the same goal of making the world a more sustainable and innovative place.  The emphasis of the event is on the appreciation on heritage, human rights and to respect the earth’s natural resources. Visitors of 1.68 will have access to the latest trends and products in sustainable luxury and will have the chance to interact with these products at the expo, as well as gaining access to exclusive presentations of the future advances. So if you fancy yourself as a bit of a Tony Stark the this is the perfect luxury event for you.

The Millionaire Fair


millionaire fair

Millionaire Fair of Moscow is…well how to describe it. It is the world’s most exquisite and leading luxury fair. In fact it takes exhibitionism to an entirely new level of extravagance. This event is considered the social melting pot of international luxury. Luring thousands in through its crystal gilded doors, guests are invited to mingle, sample and promote their most exclusive products.

The extravagance of this event is bewildering. Luxury oozes from every direction, as it conveys the desired extravagant lifestyle to its aspiring guests. The fair exhibits everything for the elite from the luxury sector (and we mean everything), from sports cars, private jets, helicopters, super yachts, real estate, fashion, jewellery, art, spirits, beauty, to fine foods, gadgets and project investments.

 Big Boy Toys


This event is exactly what it says on the tin; A luxury lifestyle event full of the most expensive, lavish, and wild gadgets in the world, all attractively exhibited to tempt you. To put it into perspective it’s the equivalent to having your parents taking the 9 year old you to Richie Rich’s mansion for the day…It’s ultimately a playground for the rich little boy in you.

big boys toys 1 big boys toys bigboystoys

Immerse yourself in an exquisite venue, while gaining access to the world’s most exclusive product launches of ground break gadgets and technology.  Big Boys Toys which is held in Dubai attracts over 65 million guests through its doors each year and provides guests with exciting interactive entertainment.