The Wolf of Wall Street is set to steal the show this Academy Award season, with the phenomenal Leonardo Dicaprio starring as the notorious Jordan Belfort; a hedonistic, jet setting, multi millionaire stockbroker (with let’s just say a few extra curricular activities).

The Comedy/Drama revolves around the real life story of Belfort who famously swindled his investors out of $200 million in a shares fraud that ultimately resulted in Belfort ending up in the slammer.

Belfort spent the majority of the 90’s living for excess and has even admitted to once flying his helicopter whilst under the influence of a particular narcotic. Belfort then proceeded (attempted) to land the helicopter in his back garden with one eye open as he was too stoned to see straight. (Yes it’s awful we know but we must say it makes for great entertainment to watch Leonardo Dicaprio attempt to land a Twin Squirrel AS355 whilst as high as a…well you know). In addition to this Belfort managed to sink his 167ft  yacht, which at the time was harbouring a seaplane and helicopter, after convincing the captain to sail to Switzerland from Italy via a Mediterranean storm. Bra-Vo Mr Belfort!

“My role models were Michael Douglas’s character, Gordon Gekko, in the movie Wall Street and Richard Gere from Pretty Woman. The best of everything – the presidential hotel suite, the Ferrari, the house on the beach, the gorgeous blonde, the expensive wine, the art auctions, the yacht – the ultimate Wall Street rich guy.” Says Belfort.

Makes for one hell of a story that’s for sure.

Take it from us, this film is set to be an absolute triumph. With a few aviation scenes that you are sure to never forget. (You’ll know what we’re talking about when you see them).


Private Jet Charter give The Wolf of Wall Street a 10/10!