From the East to the West, every company wants to know how to save money and avoid hefty tax bills. The following list is the Swiss army knife of lesser known Tax-Haven locations.

Avoid the Tax so you can Relax! Where are the Best places that have no tax?



Belize is a English speaking country boarding Mexico and Guatemala.

Currently Belize has no capital gains tax or estate tax, and under certain provisions, nonresidents and offshore companies are able to repatriate their earnings tax-free!

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The Seychelles

This beautifully stunning Island has the views and the laws you need.

With its ‘no business tax policy’ combined with the
fact that you don’t need to declare money coming in and out, the Seychelles is really cornering a great business opportunity to save cash, and all in a luxuriously picturesque location.

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Nestled between Austria and Switzerland, check out this tax free hidden gem

Liechtenstein is a beautiful German speaking country and has been infamous for its tax haven qualities through the ages. Liechtenstein allows for virtually tax-free holding companies that pay no income tax but must pay a small percentage (1%) on capital holdings. Holding companies are restricted from conducting business in the country itself, but considering your business will be else where that isn’t a problem!

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what’s the best tax haven in the East?

There are a few great tax havens in the East of the world including these hidden favorites.



Vanuatu is a small island situated east of Australia only 3 hours by jet away and has ‘no tax’ for businesses.

Being a small island filled with farm land and amazing beaches, the small uprising of companies taking advantage of Vanuatu are truly reaping its tax-free benefits. There are no taxes for business out here, instead VAT on products in the shops is higher to compensate for the tiny islands economy.

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Situated south of China, Singapore has a reputable history as a tax haven.

The financial districts of Singapore are vast and highly sophisticated. English is the preferred language when it comes to business as there is no tax on foreign incomes! With beautiful views, tax free shopping, an abundance of great nightlife and entertainment, Singapore has it all and its tax free!

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