Star Trek Underwater Hotel gets built in the Maldives

The National Ministry of Tourism has given the go ahead to ‘Deep Ocean Technologies’ to build the super extravagant ‘Water Discus Hotel.’ Complete with restaurant, spa, swimming pool, bar and helicopter pad this architectural beauty is currently going under construction. Rooms include under water sea views of the tropical life around it with outside/underwater lighting, and are all situated adjacently to a luxury bar area.

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Have you ever dreamed of buying your own private Island?

Well now you can. From as little as £400,000 onwards you can buy your own private retreat in a beautiful sun swept part of the world.

Private Island

This is Goat Cay in the Bahamas, its one of the Northern Berry Islands in the Caribbean.

This 22 acres of sun, sea and privacy retails at £776,291

But with owning a private Island what’s the best way to get there?

Thanks to the constant need of Aviation development in Texas, the government has actually made a pdf brochure outlining how one would build their own private air strip anywhere in the world and what’s needed to make it happen

Airstrip Planning PDF

Alternatively you could hire a jet to the Berry Islands ‘Great Harbour Airport’ and take a private boat straight there.

Subjects and pictures courtesy of Privateislandblog and Deep Ocean Technology