Who are the best firms to buy shares from in preparation for 2014?

We see some surprising and encouraging market patterns revealed, companies expected to increase their earning margins up to 600%.

Be smarter than the rest, its time to invest!


The California based Car manufacturer that specializes in electric powered vehicles has got some big forecasts for next year. With the Model S Sedan hugely exceeding sales projections in the first quarter, Tesla has got big plans for its new range of electric cars including the Model X and mini van/SUV crossover.

Stats projected a growth in earnings of 606% and a sales growth of 29%

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KEYW internet securityKEYW

One of the largest companies in cyber security, KEYW works predominantly with the government as well as companies in need of huge amounts of computer security. Specializing in Penetration testing and computer forensics KEYW is the leader in internet security.

“sales will double to $500 million in 2015, compared with 2012, without help from major acquisitions. Analysts expect sales to jump 41% this year.”

Founder and CEO Leonard Moodispaw

So what are the projections?

Growth of earnings is expected to be 295% with a sales growth of 15%


A truly remarkable concept, Trulia helps potential home buyers seek what local amenities, schools, hospitals, rate of crime and much more are in the circumference of the house they are interested in buying. Although the site and app are free, estate agents and sellers are buying up subscriptions to Trulia like no tomorrow. Trulia allows businesses preferential options for people searching to buy, including one-click call back to smartphones and optimized advertising positions for potential buyers.

Worth $90 million net what’s the forecast like for 1014?

with an expected earnings growth of 298% and sales growth at 38% Trulia could be a great set of shares to own.



Bonanza Creek EnergyBonanza Creek Energy

Energy company Bonanza Creek have specialized their efforts into ‘Hydraulic Fracturing’ of rock, in order to extract natural oils and gases used for supply energy.

This new method of materials extraction has increased the companies earnings by 267% in 2012 with a 115% increase in production.

With large varied locations (including Colorado) owned by Bonanza Creek, hydraulic fracturing is going to be hugely profitable

“We are incredibly fortunate to have a large, contiguous-acreage position in the Wattenburg Field, one of the most economically attractive places in the United States,”  CEO Michael Starzer. 

With sales increasing by 78% this year alone, what are the projected forecasts for next year?

Expected growth for earnings is 52% with a sales growth of 35%

Eagle Materials

Eagle Materials specializes in low-cost production of building materials and cement. Due to the boom in house building and developments all over the USA Eagle Materials has capitalized on all trade supplies.

Eagle Materials

“Eagle Materials is growing rapidly because of the rebound in housing and more rational pricing in wallboard, so the company is getting higher margins.” Jim Collins of Insight Capital Research and Management.

Sales grew 33% in the fourth quarter. But earnings jumped 115%, thanks to a 27% increase in gypsum wallboard prices and a 3% increase in cement prices. Analysts expect a 168% jump in earnings this year, and a 74% gain next year, according to Thomson One Analytics.

So what are the projects for 2014? Earnings growth is expected to hit 74% with a growth in sales of 45%

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