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Making the World a Smaller Place

Private Jet Charter is based in the UK but has offices in four continents and across five different time zones. However, we fly to every continent and across all time zones making us a truly global jet service. What’s more, we operate 24 hours a day so you can always reach us - wherever you are in the World and whatever time of day it is.

Speaking Your Language

Successful communication is a key factor when compiling an itinerary that suits your exact needs. Yet, it can be time-consuming, frustrating and un-settling if you are struggling to make yourself understood.

That’s why we employ dedicated, multi-lingual staff who are experienced in all aspects of chartered air travel in many languages. At Private Jet Charter you can talk to people who understand so you can discuss and book your charters with confidence.

Connecting the Continents

Private Jet Charter supplies flights to pretty much anywhere on the globe and understands that each country and culture has its own unique way of handling air travel. Therefore, wherever you need to go to in the World you can rely on our breadth of local knowledge to ensure a smooth journey.

For destinations like China, which in some cases can still be difficult to get around, private flights are a fantastic option for transporting film crews, sporting equipment and medical supplies to even the hardest-to-reach areas.

Mumbai | Dhaka | Mali | Karachi | Qingdao

A Sure Thing in the United States

Whether you need to fly to, from or within the United States of America, we can arrange either intercontinental or internal flights. Over the years we have built exceptional relationships with US owners giving us a huge choice of aircraft within this market. The facilities for private jet charter also tend to be very good within the US.

New York | Las Vegas | Los Angeles | Florida | Bahamas

A Perfect Union in Europe

An enormous geographical variety within a relatively small area marks Europe out amongst the rest of the World. This is where our understanding of the region and its charter facilities becomes invaluable. We can chaperone you to cities and guide you in the mountains where sometimes short runways may only be used by aircraft of a certain size, at a certain time of day, or in particular weather conditions. We also have access to ‘private jet charter only’ airports within Europe, guaranteeing your privacy.

London | Paris | Malaga | Nice | Moscow

Switched On in the Middle East

We have many Middle Eastern clients and fly to a huge variety of destinations within the region, almost all of which offer private airport facilities and cater extremely well for the private flight market.

Our experience has taught us that roomy, luxurious jet charter and the ability to provide for individual requests are also much appreciated. So, that’s what we supply.

Dubai | Beirut | Rabat | Riyadh | Abu Dhabi