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So You’re Looking For The Ultimate Bond Villain Yacht

Published February 5th, 2014 | Author:


Q:   It always makes me feel a bit melancholy. Grand old war ship. being ignominiously haunted away to scrap… The inevitability of time, don’t you think? What do you see?

James Bond:   A bloody big ship.

Thinking about purchasing a yacht? 

Well it is now boat show season! Hoorahh! Which means while everyone else is getting excited about the new models coming in; you my conniving friend, will have the opportunity to check out last year’s models at discounted prices, which I understand in your quest for world domination is right up there in order of importance. I mean sure..Times are tough right?

Any way without further ado (and in case you needed some yacht inspiration), Private Jet Charter have compiled a few of the most outlandish, bombastic and out right bonkers yachts, both concept and actual just for you oh diabolical one. All so that you can find the ultimate Bond villain Yacht.

The perfect Compact?

The Wider Yacht

We’ve seen Transformers but this is something else:

The Wider Yacht is the first sea vessel to have an expanding surface area. Granted you probably couldn’t host a party on it, but we love the transformation element. Not enough room for your henchmen though is there?

Ok I can tell you’re not impressed, and we definitely couldn’t fit both Jaws and OddJob on deck without a feeling of unwanted intimacy. Ok Wider Yacht’s out.

Perhaps a slightly more spacious option would be more suitable?

Presenting The Blade Yacht; A sleek and stylish floating home. Detailed beautifully on the interior with a light and welcoming vibe, counteracting it’s sinister and sharp veneer.  The outer decking is perfect for BBQ dining and star gazing, with floor to ceiling windows providing you with panoramic views. As you can see, there is plenty of room to wine and dine your guests and provides you with luxurious sleeping quarters.

blade 6blade1bladeblade 7blade3

What did you expect, an exploding pen?

Ok if this still doesn’t turn you on then we’ll just have to kick things into high gear.

Here is your very own Super Yacht Island. Complete with active volcano/waterfall, it’s perfect for intimidating or waterboarding your foes. With ample room below deck to use as cells, you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to entertaining your captives. The possibilities are truly endless!


Still not enough?

Well how about your very own Monte Carlo? Complete with F1 track, tennis courts, helipad (Standard kit yes), Private beach, casinos and hotels; this could be the yacht for you. Very Casino Royale. Too 2006? Too much?


Now we’re compromising.

You must be exhausted after all that world domination, you want a yacht where you can finally relax, be at one with the waves with your pina colada and a blow up Free Willy. In which case THIS is the Yacht for you.

Oh you like this one?

Great. Take note that you’ll have plenty of room up on deck to catch those rays and you won’t have to worry about being eco friendly (I know this bothers you as you’re heavily concerned with your carbon footprint whilst plotting world domination).

But look!




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