NYC To London in 3 Hours? The World’s First Super Sonic Business Jet
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NYC To London in 3 Hours? Spike: World First Super Sonic Business Jet

Published February 20th, 2014 | Author:

Meet Spike!

Have you got a spare $35million? Well if you’re the patient sort and are prepared to wait until 2018 then you can book yourself a seat aboard the Spike S-512; the billionaires answer to long haul business flights.

Now, as private jet geeks we’re pretty excited about this Spike chap and one thing is for sure, you’ll never feel the need to argue over who’s getting the window seat. As you can see from the concept design pictures below, the Spike S-512 design is absolutely incredible in not only its aesthetics but its functionality. The Spike (so called we’re guessing due to its streamlined…well spike) is proposed to be the worlds’ first supersonic business jet.

spikespike 2

The Spike S-512 creators are proposing that in just 3 hours you can jet from NYC, across the pond to London! That’s LA to Tokyo in 5 hours and London to Mumbai in 4 hours!

In terms of those all important aesthetically pleasing elements, passengers will have the added benefit of stunning views from the elongated glass panel which will run along the jet’s side panel. Just to clarify, this glass panel is no window. Oh no. Instead Spikey’s designers have introduced revolutionary technology to their concept jet, by proposing to fit multiple cameras around the exterior which will then display the stunning images of the world outside onto the glass panel inside the jet (Well it definitely solves the old age issue of glass windows on planes..bravo!). With speeds up to 1,100mph we can’t help but get  excited, but for the mean time we at Private Jet Charter will be supplying you with both the latest and most luxurious models that aviation technology has to offer.

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