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Is The Grand Prix Finally Coming to London?

Published February 28th, 2014 | Author:

A london Grand Prix?

Could it be? We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, as nothing is set in stone, but the concept of a London Grand Prix has crept one step closer. A London Grand Prix was first suggested back in 2011 but was halted due to a major debate among environmental groups…but now, thanks to a renovation of road safety and speed limit laws the F1 could present a strong economic case for the plan to move ahead.

f1 grand prix

 According to The Times, a consultation will be held at Whitehall among the F1 organizers and the opposing environmental authorities who believe that a London Grand Prix would cause issues in terms of air quality and noise issues. Mayor Boris Johnson is in pronounced support of the idea, providing the event organizers adhere to environmental guidelines.

The mayor stated: ‘I am always interested in projects that attract jobs and bring growth.’

‘The question of air quality and noise impact will have to be looked at. I am broadly positive providing we can satisfy the air quality and noise issues.’ He added that he believed it was of significant importance to ensure that there was ‘a really good economic case’ for a London Grand Prix.

Burnie Ecclestone has substantial faith that this event could potentially be the richest and most watched race in the world, believing that the London backdrop would even rival that of Monaco’s.

‘Think what it would do for tourism. It would be fantastic — good for London, good for England — a lot better than the Olympics.’

So what of the track?

Ecclestone has already been in talks regarding the Grand Prix route, designing the circuit route so that it encompasses the capital’s famous landmarks. It is believed that the circuit will commence at The Mall and pass Buckingham Palace and on through Parliament Square.

‘When you combine all of that with the world famous monuments that would feature in the backdrop you can see why it would be an awesome addition to the calendar’ said Jenson Button.

f1 2

We absolutely agree and we hope that we will soon be able to report more on the F1’s progress with The London Grand Prix for all you F1 fans.

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