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F1′s Eddie Jordan Purchases £30Million Custom Made Super Yacht

Published February 3rd, 2014 | Author:

F1′s Eddie Jordan Purchases £30Million Custom Made Super Yacht

Emerging from its Dorset hanger at a hefty 200 tonnes, is the spectacular 155 Super Yacht. Sunseeker International have embarked on the largest assignment it’s ever had in order to create this awe inspiring super yacht. The project was made to order for F1’s Eddie Jordan, who has involved himself with the interior design team at Sunseeker. Upon completion the 155 Yacht will consist of 4 decks and will provide VIP accommodation for 2 people and 5 separate bedrooms for 12 as well as having additional room for staff. The yacht will flaunt a formal dining area, a bar, an enormous sky lounge (complete with hot tub, obviously) and wait for it….A night club! Now that’s how you customize your yacht, and one thing is for sure, Mr. Jordan has definitely made the most of his interior design skills.

yacht Eddie Jordan Jenson Button

One minor hindrance to the extravagance that comes with this yacht is, is it’s weight issue. Weighing in at a hefty 200 tones the yacht’s speed becomes in turn, heavily diminished. This baby will soar off at a wild 25mph! Oh and also costs £30,000 to refuel.  All of this could be yours for the small sum of £30 million, which if you ask us is an absolute bargain.

The 155Yacht has a viewing platform with floor to ceiling windows which will provide guests with wide angled views, perfect for setting anchor at the Monaco Grand Prix!

In all honesty we would have imagined Eddie’s 155 Yacht to look a little something like this:

Monaco shaped Super Yacht

Like We said… It would be perfect for watching the Monaco Grand Prix


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