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Kate Upton Bikini free falling on a 727?

Published February 24th, 2014 | Author:

Kate Upton Free falling in a bikini on a Boeing 727

In the world of professional modelling the set for a shoot has always been a big deal, however sports illustrated have taken this to a whole new level! Swim suit model Kate Upton has recently been whisked away on a Boeing 727 with a crew of experts in a ‘free falling’ zero gravity experience.

photos courtesy of

Kate Upton


Kate Upton has had a thriving career in modelling and minor acting roles in recent films, starting her career with Elite Model Management. Kate’s recent zero gravity shoot is one of many interesting concept shoots, including a Antarctic collection for Sports Illustrated’s idea to cover every continent. Kate suffered from eyes and nose health complications on this shoot from the severe weather conditions, but luckily the problems were short lived and continues to travel the world for Sports Illustrated’s next big concept photography.

kate upton private jet antarctica

Want to see behind the scenes for the Boeing 727′s elaborate photo shoot? see the video below that shows how they did it.



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