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The Aston Martin Furniture Collection

Published February 13th, 2014 | Author:

The Aston Martin Furniture Collection

Since 1931 Aston Martins have been gracing the worlds’ tarmac with elegance and flair, making our roads a more attractive place. Their designs have become legendary and quite rightly so.

Aston lovers prepare to rejoice, because you can now bring the style and beauty from the roads into your home. Aston Martin have, over the past few years, been developing their range of lifestyle collections; including furniture, dining wear, jewellery and clothing.

We absolutely love these collections. With such bold and innovative designs, these collections still manage to maintain the essence of an Aston Martin without being too obvious. Just by looking at these items of furniture, you’re instantly aware this is no ordinary settee.

aston martin

These contemporary designs including this angular folded aluminium office desk, look as though they are ready to take-off.  Each piece of the furniture collection is produced in Italy and is made from materials such wood, aluminum, steel and carbon fibre which are then infused with boiled wool and leather.

aston 2

The homeware collection is equally as impressive. Boasting items that are crafted from silver and 24 carat cold,  these creations will add sheer elegance to your home. The range includes tablewear, luxury hampers,  and even sound systems. The Aston Martin home range is now available in Harrods.

aston 3aston 1aston4aston 5

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