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Jammin’ this January! Get a Jambox with Private Jet Charter

Published January 8th, 2014 | Author:

Get Jammin’ this January with Private Jet Charter

world in hands - private jet charter

If you book and pay for a private jet flight this January (for anytime this year) you will receive a fantastic Jambox bluetooth, wireless, portable speaker. Alternatively rather than a fantastic Jambox, you can choose the Jawbone Icon HD Earpiece with bluetooth ‘Nerd’ adapter, so you can listen to music from your PC/Mac or answer calls on the move in HD sound quality.

Jambox private jet charter

Wherever you need to be… Private Jet Charter has the perfect aircraft for you. From short to long distance trips, Private Jet Charter has organised international Private travel for over 2 decades. Get the benefit of experience and trust in your travels this season by using Private Jet Charter.

jambox hd ear piece ICON

Remember.. You can claim your Diamond Reward Points with every trip you book, and trade those points for amazing gifts! See the gift list.


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