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Biggest New Years Celebrations

Published January 3rd, 2014 | Author:

The Most Spectacular New Years Celebrations in the World

New Year Australia Sydney

From Dubai to Japan, people are celebrating across the land. However which of these countries went the extra mile to make their New Years celebration really stand out.



Dubai Fireworks the Sail

palm firework  atlantis firework  Fireworks-over-the-Atlantis_1257434462

Dubai set a new world record with it’s fireworks display this New Years Eve. Around 400,000 fireworks flew into the sky, illuminating the Palm, the World Island and Downtown Abu Dhabi. See the spectacular event in the video below.

For many that want more than just Fireworks on New Years Eve, Emirates set up a huge celebration in the desert. Firstly you are taken from the heart of Dubai on a desert safari to a Private Party Camp that has an abundance of food, alcoholic cocktails and party atmosphere. Enjoy Shisha pipes, belldancing, music, camel rides and even quad bike under an infinite canvas of stars in the heart of the desert whilst counting down to the New Year.

Camel-rides-in-Dubai belly-dance1 1219337405_quad




Shibuya flickr

Japan is renowned for its bustling street life and bright lights, so New Years Eve is going to be big too. New Years in Japan is seen as a time to be close to family and generally stay at home, however everyone loves a good party, so local Clubs get the best DJ’s around to fuel there non-stop celebrating.

New Years Eve in Japan is the only time of year where Public Transport runs around the clock, mainly for the millions that go to the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo. Everyone flocks to this shrine to celebrate a new beginning and the thought provoking subject of what they wish to accomplish on their life’s journey. You can write a wish for the new year on a small wooden plak, that you later burn in a sacred fire.

_JPN6174 _JPN6157 _JPN6132 _JPN6143

TR001242 tokyo_meiji_tout_a Sake_Barrel_Offerings_at_Meiji_Shrine,_Tokyo,_Japan

Las Vegas



Where else to celebrate but Sin City! Vegas is notorious for outlandish celebrating and New Years Eve is no exception to the rule. With an entire city lit with fireworks, pumping with music and thousands upon thousands of people dancing in the streets, you’ll be partying from the Stratosphere to the Luxor until the break of day. Complete with street performers, luxury suites, 24hr luxury restaurants and non-stop gambling it’s no surprise that Vegas is considered one of the best places on earth to bring in the new year.

11908788-lake-las-vegas-fireworks CPLV_Fireworks 2011 10great-topper n53_26472561

With hundreds of hotels your truly spoilt for choice in Vegas, from the famous Luxor to the fabulous Wynn

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