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Hugh Courtenay – One of Florida’s Emerging Leaders

Published December 2nd, 2013 | Author:

Story courtesy of Alliance -

Hugh Courtenay CEO of Private Jet Charter

Hugh Courtenay, Founder & Chief Executive, Private Jet Charter, on the

allure of stone crabs, superior service and Alliance success.

Successful leaders take a decidedly passionate view of their lives and

world. Discover what drives the soaring success of Hugh Courtenay.

South Florida pleasures:

“The abundance of good eating houses! I especially like the stone crabs

when in season, the weather, the waterways and in particular the people

who are generally always friendly and helpful.”

Why aviation hooked me:

“Every day is different. We love the challenge that brings, in terms of

ensuring the professional attitude and unbeatable service that lets us win

deals from our competition!”

What keeps us on our toes:

“It’s all about being smarter than the competition: it’s become a real

cutthroat marketplace and that makes us even more determined to win.”

What fuels our leadership success:

“I think I am the same as most business owners: failure is not an option.

I want to succeed.”

The rewards of my Alliance membership:

“Apart from the weather, the food and the great looking people? From

a business perspective, there are great tax advantages. Quite a few

successful people reside in Florida, many of whom are Alliance members.

And many of whom are our clients.”

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private jet charter brokers and consultants, providing VIP aircraft, executive

jets, helicopter charter, corporate airliners and dedicated medical evacuation

aircraft. Its North American regional headquarters and charter hub are

located in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

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