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Flying Butler Service

Published December 4th, 2013 | Author:

flyingbutler Flying Butler Service

Deep Blue Apartments have released their Flying Butler Service, 

but what is it exactly?


Deep Blue Apartments have properties to rent all over the UK, perfect for the frequent traveler, but to add even more excellence to their service they’ve devised the following:

Lets say your Private Jet has just landed, you step off the aircraft and your Flying Butler has already organised chauffeur driven transport for your arrival. You then arrive at your luxury apartment where your Flying Butler has a smartly dressed gentleman waiting to welcome you, take your bags, and ensure every detail of your stay is to your requirement.

In front of you as you enter your accommodation is a luxury hamper with your pre requested hand picked groceries and items you needed. Your personal greeter will then take your dry cleaning and book any reservations you require for dinner, theatre productions or literally anything you wish to do whilst their.

The Flying Butler Service really encapsulates a large portion of travelling requirements and is a great extra feature to this apartment agency.

Have you used the Flying Butler Service? let us know your opinion by emailing [email protected]

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