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The New Falcon 5X

Published November 19th, 2013 | Author:

Dassault has unveiled their latest and greatest new jet, the Falcon 5X.

Everyone at the NBAA was shocked to see that Dassault’s newest jet was in fact a large business jet! unlike the super mid-sized aircraft they previously made, this marvel of engineering and style has a whopping 39 foot long cabin (not including the cockpit), a cabin height of 6ft 6 inches and a super comfortable width of 8ft 6 inches.

5x outsideFalcon 5X interior

Dassault’s total redesign of the interior has made the aircraft considerably more open spaced and clear cut. Chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation ‘Eric Trappier’ had this to say:

“The industry has moved in a direction of wider cabins… One of the measures of an international business jet is how the passenger feels upon arrival. There is simply more space, which will create a better sense of well-being for the passengers.”

The redesign of the exterior using flaperons on the larger jet has allowed the Falcon 5X to be able to make 6 degree approaches and land at smaller more challenging Airports such as London City.

5x insideFalcon 5X cockpit

The increased level of safety of the Falcon 5X is due to its onboard self diagnostics system named FalconScan, that’s able to scan over 10,000 parameters. The Honeywell RDR 4000 radar fitted allows pilots to foresee weather patterns and changes up to 320 miles away, giving plenty of time to alter the flight path if weather is severe.

The Falcon 5X has got huge praise and is expected to be available globally by the end of 2016, early 2017.

5x detail 5x seat

Story courtesy of Jetgala



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