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Miley Cyrus Jet sets around the globe

Published November 1st, 2013 | Author:

From challenge to Challenger, Miley Cyrus is jetting the world over

From small TV star to Pop sensation, Miley Cyrus has been frequently jetting in style for work and pleasure.

From Gulfstream 200′s to Challengers’ and beyond this little star loves flying in style, especially with her family and friends. Excited Miley posted this picture of herself with mum and a friend on a Gulfstream 200, with the caption “PJ <3″

Miley Cyrus with mum and friend on private jet

Recently recording a new music video and appearing in the MTV-Awards 2013 for her world renowned ‘twerking’ performance, Miley left the awards ceremony to fly off with friends on a Challenger 604 from New Jersey.

Miley Cyrus Challenger 604 airport New Jersey

Miley Cyrus seen boarding a Cessna Citation Sovereign.

Miley Cyrus Cessna Citation Sovereign

“I don’t want the paparazzi to see me! what can i do?”

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story courtesy of

The Daily Mail

pictures courtesy of Instagram, Splash and

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