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Picture of a Lear 40 light jet, available for charter or hire

Light Aircraft Charter with Private Jet Charter

Where can I charter a light jet?

What is a light jet? and more importantly why would I want to charter a light aircraft?
A light jet refers to an aircraft with a few certain characteristics about it. A light aircraft generally takes up to 8 passengers max, unlike a mid size jet which could facilitate up to 10 and is considerably more spacious. Chartering a light jet is perfect for short journeys such as London to Malaga for 1 to 8 people. A light jet can roughly travel journeys that have a flight time of 3 hours dependant on variables

What light jets can I charter?

There are many types of light planes available to hire, including the beautiful Lear 45.

The Lear 45 can seat up to a maximum of 8 passengers and has a range of 2300 miles. The cabin of the Lear 45 has a height of 4ft 11 inches, a width of 5ft 1 inches and a length of 19ft 10 inches. Available luggage capacity is a maximum of 65 cubic feet.

Lear 45 - available to hire

Picture of Lear 45 available for private charter, other light jets available

How much does it cost to charter a Lear 45?

Asking how much it costs to charter a light jet has it's variables, with the Lear 45 we can give a estimated guide price for a one way trip, London to Malaga would be around £15,780 GBP. Do you need to fly on a short business trip and charter a Lear 45 aircraft? Call us on UK t. 020 8897 8979, email [email protected] or visit our enquiries page

What other types of Light Jets are there to charter, other than the Lear 45?

Our fleet of light aircraft to charter include the Cessna Citation CJ2, Cessna Citation Mustang, The Citation II Bravo and more.

Cessna Citation CJ2

The Cessna Citation CJ2 can seats up to 6 passengers, has a range of 1670 miles and has a 14ft long cabin that is 4ft 9 tall by 4ft 10 wide. This aircraft is ideal for hopping around europe for short business trips and weekends away and includes 74 cubic feet of luggage space.
So how much does chartering a Cessna Citation CJ2 private aircraft cost?
To charter a CJ2 light jet one way from Nice to Geneva would be an estimated base price of £4,520 GBP.
To find out more see our enquiries page

Picture of a Cessna Citation CJ2 available for charter, from our light jet range of aircraft

Cessna Citation Mustang

The Cessna Citation Mustang can take a maximum of 4 passengers and has a range of 1320 miles. The Mustang has 63 cubic feet of baggage space. The cabin size is 4.5ft high, 4.6ft wide and 9.7ft long.
How much would it cost to charter a Citation Mustang light aircraft?
To charter the light jet Citation Mustang from London to Rome you would be looking at a estimated cost of £8025 GBP.
To further enquire about chartering a Citation Mustang Private Aircraft go to our enquiries page

Picture of a Cessna Citation Mustang available for light aircraft charter

Cessna Citation II / Bravo

The sleek and beautiful Citation II / Bravo aircraft available for charter can take up to a maximum of 8 people, and has a slightly larger range than the Mustang or CJ2 with a overall distance of 2190 miles. The cabin on a Citation II / Bravo is 4ft 10 high, 4ft 11 wide and is 16ft long and has a luggage space of 74 cubic metres.
How much would it cost to charter a light jet Citation II Bravo aircraft?
For the aircraft charter of a Citation II / Bravo on a one way trip from Biggin Hill to Ibiza you would be looking at an estimated cost of £8470 GBP.
To enquire further about chartering a Cessna Citation II / Bravo please see our enquiries page

aircraft charter picture of a Cessna Citation 2 / Bravo


Cessna Citation Jet Interior Pictures