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Our Charter Fleet

With Private Jet Charter UK, you can choose from a huge global fleet of modern private jets from leading manufacturers like Airbus, Boeing and Learjet. Through our network of Air Operators worldwide, you have access to all types of aircraft, each luxuriously furnished and designed to provide you with the ultimate personal air travel experience.

Get more information on each aircraft type available below, or submit your private jet charter enquiry online.


Need to hire an Airbus Private Plane?

Airbus is the world's leading aircraft manufacturer whose customer focus, commercial know-how, technological leadership and manufacturing efficiency have propelled it to the forefront of the industry.


Need to hire a Boeing Private Plane?

Boeing is renowned for its top quality aircraft and exceptional interior comfort standards. Whether for short hops, mid-range trips or long-haul flights, Boeing has the ideal plane for your next charter flight. After all, there is a reason they are the largest producer of commercial aircraft worldwide.


Need to hire a Bombardier Private Plane?

Bombardier Aerospace is the third largest airplane manufacturer in the world and is known for its executive and corporate jets, featuring their distinctive low-wing design.


Need to hire a Cessna Private Plane?

Cessna Citation business jets are a series engineered by Cessna Aircraft Company specifically for executive charter flights. Their small to medium sized airplanes can operate on small airports and provide easier access to more destinations, an uncommon flexibility.

Dassault Falcon

Need to hire a Dassault Falcon Private Plane?

Dassault Falcon is best represented by their line of corporate jets renowned for their ability to fly to and from small airports. When it comes to chartering a business flight, you can't go wrong with the company that owns over 40% of the market.


Need to hire a Embraer Private Plane?

Embraer Legacy executive jets are light-midsize type jets of the highest technical quality. Ideal for quick business trips and conveniently able to land at almost any airport, Embraer is the corporate choice for executives around the world.

Fairchild Dornier

Need to hire a Fairchild Dornier Private Plane?

A charter flight on a Fairchild Dornier private plane is a unique experience. With no division between the cockpit and cabin, passengers get an intimate look behind the scenes throughout the trip.


Need to hire a Fokker Private Plane?

With over 100 years of experience, Fokker has established a tradition of manufacturing top quality aircraft, epitomised by their F-27 turboprop, the Fokker Friendship, which is one of the best selling propeller aircrafts of all time.


Need to hire a Gulfstream Private Plane?

Gulfstream builds the world's most technologically advanced business aircraft. When you charter a Gulfstream business jet, you get to experience intercontinental travel the way it's supposed to be - utterly luxurious.


Need to hire a Hawker Private Plane?

Hawker Beechcraft is one of the more popular British aircraft manufacturers. They build top quality, high-performance business jets and turboprop planes that consistently provide a pleasant flying experience and excellent facilities for all passengers.


Need to hire a Learjet Private Plane?

Learjet, an American manufacturer whose name has been synonymous with private jets since private air travel became the dream of flyers everywhere. Extremely popular with celebrities and VIPs, chartering a Learjet is the epitome of private flying.

McDonnell Douglas

Need to hire a McDonnell Douglas Private Plane?

McDonnell Douglas has always stood for classic design, reliability and longevity. A luxury aircraft manufacturer characterized by high performance and VIP comfort, and a joy to fly in.


Need to hire a Piaggio Private Plane?

The Piaggio Avanti is a twin-engine turboprop aircraft that outperforms any other propeller plane available for charter due to its revolutionary design and aerodynamics.

Piper Aircraft

Need to hire a Piper Private Plane?

Piper private aircraft are manufactured by Piper Aircraft Inc. in sunny Florida, and is one of the leading manufacturers in general aviation. Their aircraft offer style & luxury without compromising on performance.

For shorter flights, consider the convenience of a private helicopter charter, you can view our entire fleet of helicopters for more information, or get an instant flight quote online.