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Charter Planes for Every Flight

Every charter flight is unique in its own right, so it stands to reason that there is a specific type of jet or aircraft size that is best suited for your particular journey. That is why, here at Private Jet Charter UK, we make it a priority to give you a wide-range of aircraft to choose from and ensure that your charter plane is absolutely perfect… for you and your travel needs.

Get more information on our fleet of aircraft, which includes everything from small business jets to long-haul commercial airlines, propeller planes to luxury aircraft, and everything in between below, or submit your flight details to get a list of recommended aircraft for your charter flight.


Need to hire a Turboprop Private Plane?

Propeller planes are ideal for short trips and at the same time offer the comfort and convenience associated with the world of private jet travel. Turboprops are a practical choice for personal and business trips, and a great way to get to those smaller airports and runways.

Small Jets

Need to hire a Small Private Plane?

Small Jets are ideal for short to medium-haul flights, and can easily land on the short or narrow runways common in small airports. These jets are equipped with advanced technology for a smooth flight and a comfortable and well-appointed cabin interior, with enough legroom for any guest.

Midsize Jets

Need to hire a Midsize Private Plane?

Midsize jets can accommodate 7 to 10 guests in luxurious comfort. These jets can fly up to 5 hours hassle free. Equipped with top quality cabin interiors, modern entertainment system and a generous luggage space.

Super Midsize Jets

Need to hire a Super-Midsize Private Plane?

A fleet of high-performance jets that comfortably seat up to 10 passengers, and are ideal for flights of up to 5 hours. A spacious cabin and a fully equipped galley provide all the luxuries that come with private jet travel, whilst conveniently and safely flying you to your destination.

Wide-Bodied and Long-Range Jets

Need to hire a Wide-bodied / Long range Private Plane?

This class of private jets all come equipped with luxurious and spacious interiors that provide superb comfort and freedom of movement for every passenger. With a superb nautical-mile range, they are the perfect choice for transatlantic private charter or business flights.

Large and Long-ranged Jets

Need to hire a Large / Long Range Private Plane?

Large-capacity and long-ranged jets are ideally suited for transatlantic non-stop flights. These luxurious private jets can accommodate up to 16 passengers, and their luggage, in total comfort. Fully-equipped with the latest cabin technology and a state-of-the-art galley for the ultimate in-flight meal.

VIP Airliners

Need to hire a VIP Private Plane?

VIP Airliners are long-haul luxury private aircraft for corporate executives, celebrities, dignitaries and presidents. They can fly to almost any airport around the world. Fully equipped with the most advanced cabin technology and luxurious space, the VIP aircraft class is the first choice for large groups who want to travel in style, luxury and comfort.

For shorter flights, consider the convenience of a private helicopter charter — you can view our entire fleet of helicopters for more information, or get an instant flight quote online.