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Private Jet Charter

Private Aircraft Charter Specialists - Leasing Private Aircraft for Over 20 Years

Who is the Best Private Aircraft Hire Company?

People in the know have relied on Private Jet Charter to provide the highest quality private aircraft hire services for more than 20 years. Be it Jet hire for business meetings, aircraft rental for corporate events, flying private for entertainment purposes or to lease a jet/helicopter for personal travel. Quite simply, we have the experience and ability to make sure you get where you need to be, when you need to be there - in luxury, style and comfort.

Private jet charter services provide convenient and swift access to the business opportunities worldwide, enabling business leaders to make the most of the possibilities provided by globalisation. No corner of the world is too far, no opportunity inaccessible. The vast distances between your business and new opportunities is no longer a factor thanks to Private Jet Charter UK and personal air travel.

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Top Destinations
Private Jet Charter

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The white sands of the Dominican, the fine cuisine of Paris & the illuminated streets of Las Vegas, where will you go!? Charter a jet to somewhere wonderful this 2014


Private Jet Charter Official Video

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Supersonic Jet
NYC to London in 3hrs!

Supersonic business jet, private jet charter, fastest jet charter, hire aircraft uk

New York to London in just 3hrs! how is that possible? With the Supersonic Jet we see the latest advancement in avaiation.

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10 Most MINDBLOWING places on earth
Private Jet Charter

rainbow mountains, Baños, Cappadocia, eroded cliffs, General Carrera Lake, marble caves,  Juneau, ice caves, Belize, sinkhole, Hordaland, the troll tongue, Vaadhoo Island, bioluminescence,Waitomo, glowing cave, Hang Son Doong, underground caverns, Gansu, rainbow stratas

Rainbow colored mountains, rope swings over giant cliffs and stars in the sea! Private Jet Charter presents it's 10 most mindblowing places on earth

Airbus A319 Corporate Jet
Private Jet Charter

Charter a private Airbus A319 Private Jet Charter, VIP Airliner private aircraft hire, plane hire

Hire a Luxury VIP Airliner from Private Jet Charter. Find out why the Airbus A319 is so popular.


4 Best Hotels in the World
Private Jet Charter

4 best hotels in the world, book luxury hotel, plane hire, aircraft charter, aircraft hire

With so may Hotels in the World it's hard to know where to stay. Here are 4 of the very best hotels around.


Private Jet Charter
Embraer Legacy 650

Embraer Legacy 650 hire private jet charter aircraft hire legacy 650 plane hire UK london

Discover the Embraer Legacy 650. One of the most popular aircraft's to hire worldwide. Luxury is only a phone call away with Private Jet Charter.


Gulfstream G650 Official Tour - Hire a Gulfstream G650

Download video: MP4 format | Ogg format | WebM format. Video Courtesy of Gulfstream Aerospace

Timeless Luxury
Private Jet Charter

Luxury watch, private jet watch, private jet charter, lucury aircraft, time piece

Luxury watches and Smart Watches. Private Jet Charter takes a look at new and interesting innovations in luxury time pieces.


10 Most Iconic UK Departures
Private Jet Charter

P180 Avanti II, rent P180 Avanti II, charter P180 Avanti II, hire P180 Avanti II, buy P180 Avanti II

The Beatles, Concorde, Lady Diana & Michael Caine - It's Private Jet Charter's top 10 most iconic departures.

Space travel now possible...
Private Jet Charter

Virgin galactic white knight 2, space travel private jet charter

Virgin's Galactic White Knight 2 is here. Would you like to go to space, an see the earth from a distance, it could be possible!


Extreme Selfie's!
Private Jet Charter

Jet Selfie, extreme selfie, funny selfie, private jet charter

What makes a great, funny or extreme selfie? Private Jet Charter have endevoured to find some of the best around for your viweing pleasure.


Bruce Dickinson's Airship
Private Jet Charter

Air ship bruce dickinson pilot, private jet charter UK USA Asia

Bruce Dickinson funds the Airlander Air Ship! A 'brave new world' in Air cargo transport for the future.


Charter from a range of aircraft, for all distances and destinations

Here at Private Jet Charter we make luxury aircraft hire easy. All you need to know is where you want to go and we will organise everything for you. What type of jet do i need? Whether you're chartering a light jet, midsize jet or renting a VIP plane, here at Private Jet Charter we know the ins and outs of every aircraft in the world, and we can tailor a private plane that suits your specific needs.

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Fly Private in a luxury Business Jet Aircraft

Aircraft Charter - Jets and Destinations

Where can i fly by private plane in the world?

The beauty of private travel is that you can go anywhere in the world. Im at Coworth Park Hotel in Ascot, where is the nearest airport that i can charter a super midsize jet from??? If you don't know where the nearest airport to you happens to be, Private Jet Charter can source the nearest Airport available for you to hire your business jet to / from.

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I don't know whether i need to rent a light jet, or hire a midsized business jet? what's the difference?

Hiring a Jet by type can be made easy with Private Jet Charter. When it comes to jet types eg. light/small, midszied, super midsized, heavey etc they all correspond to different ranges and passenger capacities. For instance chartering a Light / Small Aircraft such as a Cessna Citation Jet 2 (CJ2) has 6 seats and can fly upto a range of 1670 miles, with a luggage capacity of 2.0954m³ , this jet would be ideal for a trip from London to Paris or Geneva without refueling and take upto 6 passengers with luggage. Planes similar for charter to a Cessna Citation Jet 2 include the Lear 40 or the Hawker Beechcraft Premier 1.

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I need to fly a Orchestra from Russia to Dubai, which jet would i need to hire to take such a large amount of passengers and luggage?

For taking large amounts of people and cargo there are a number of planes you could use, of these the jet type would be considered a 'Commercial' or 'VIP Airliner'. These could include (dependant on the amount of passengers and luggage etc.) Airbus A319 which seats upto 34 people and can travel a distance of 7240 miles, or charter a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) that can seat upto 50 people, has a luggage capacity of 181m³ and can travel a distance of 6340 miles. The Largest Aircraft for passengers we have to offer is a Boeing 767 VIP that can take upto 100+ passengers in a first class seat configuration.

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I need to charter a business jet, then on arrival charter a private helicopter to a remote location, can you do that?

Private Jet Charter can definitely do that. We can organise your private plane to go where ever you like in the world and then organise a Helicopter to take you to a remote location. For example you could hire a cessna or charter a learjet from London to Geneva then get a Eurocopter private helicopter to take you to a remote location such as a hotel, helipad or private accommodation providing there is a field or clear landing near by.

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What is a Empty Leg? / What is a Dead Head?

An Empty Leg / Dead Head is a flight that's been booked for a one way trip but the return journey is empty. Private Jet Charter offers many Empty Legs on a weekly basis all over the world, this includes previous Empty Legs such as chartering a business jet from Moscow to Dubai, renting a BBJ from Singapore to Geneva, chartering Cessna from London to Paris, leasing a Gulfstream G550 from the Maldives to New York and so many more. The advantage of getting a Empty Leg / Dead Head is that the price is reduced as half the flight has been paid for already, making it possible to get a luxury jet at a discounted price.

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What is the cost of Private Jet Hire?

The cost of plane hire can vary depending on a number of factors. When getting a price on chartering an aircraft the following are variables to the cost: Type of aircraft, location where aircraft is stored (eg Hangar location) and how far from the departure airport that is, how far destination is from outward airport, amount of passengers, landings permissions etc. These variables are all factors that will determine the cost of private jet charter or the cost of private helicopter hire.

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Get Private Transfers to and from any airport when you hire / rent a private aircraft or helicopter

Can you organise private transfers with my hired jet?

Private Jet Charter can organise your entire trip including transfers. What if i need a hotel near the airport, can you source and book that for me? Yes Private Jet Charter can also source the nearest 5-star hotels and arrange private transfers with your chartered aircraft.

For Example:
Client: "Im flying to a conference in Geneva, i really need a nice 5-star hotel near by for a few days, could you book one for me?"

PJC: "Of course we can book a Hotel near Geneva Airport for you with your privately hired plane, there is a 5-Star Four Seasons Hotel only 4.5km away that we can book on behalf of you. Would you like a Private Transfer to take you from Geneva Airport to the Hotel?"

Client:"That would be perfect! arrange the transfer to pick me up when I arrive to take me to the Four Seasons, then for another chauffeur driven transfer to take me to the conference in the morning."

PJC:"I'll organise that for you right now and send you over the contract to confirm."

Client:"That's brilliant, you've made my business trip so much easier, i'll definitely be using Private Jet Charter for my next business trip."

Four Seasons Hotel Geneva, Switzerland

Book the Four Seasons Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland with your privately hired jet and private chauffeur driven transfer

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What are the most popular private jets for hire?

Within our large selection of Private Jets, we have many that are particularly popular for renting. Here are some examples of our most popular types of Jets:

Cessna Citation Sovereign

The Cessna Citation Sovereign is considered to be a Super Midsized Jet, available for worldwide travel. The Citation Sovereign can take upto 9 passengers and has a range of 3240 miles. The Citation Sovereign has a cabin that is 5ft 9inches tall and 5ft 7 inches wide.
How much would it cost to charter a Cessna Citation Sovereign?
The cost of London to Malaga in a Cessna Citation Sovereign Private Jet would be an estimated guide price of around £19,475.00 one way. (price subject to variables)

Hire a Cessna Citation Sovereign from Private Jet Charter

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Gulfstream G550

The Gulfstream G550 can take upto 16 passengers and travel a distance of up to 7480 miles. The cabin is 6ft 2 inches tall, 7ft 4 inches wide and spreads over a length of 51ft. Its luggage capacity is a spacious 6.4 cubic metres.
How much would it cost to charter a Gulfstream G550 private aircraft?
The price of hiring a Gulfstream G550 Private Jet from London to Dubai would be an estimated guide price of £74,980.00 one way (price subject to variables)

Hire a private Gulfstream G550 from Private Jet Charter as well as Hotel bookings and chauffeur driven transport

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Embraer Legacy 600

The Embraer Legacy 600 can take up to 13 passengers and has a max range of 3,740 miles. The cabin is 6ft tall, 6.9ft wide and has a cabin length of 42.25ft.
How much would it cost to charter a Embraer Legacy 600 Private Aircraft?
The cost to hire a Embraer Legacy 600 Private Jet from London to Moscow would be an estimated guide price of around £25,000.00 (price is subjet to variables)

Hire a Embraer Legacy 600 Private Jet and ask for Hotel bookings near by and chauffeur driven transport

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What are the best Private Jet Interiors?

Within our fleet of Private Jets for hire you will find a varied selection of interiors. Here are some of the most unique and beautiful Jet interiors in the world. (some pictures may be privately owned jets and not part of Private Jet Charters immediate fleet, enjoy the pictures)

Best Private Jet Interiors - Private Jet Charter

Download video: MP4 format | Ogg format | MOV format

Here are some Popular UK Airports to Charter A Private Aircraft from

the following either have Private Terminals, Private Use Only or cater for people to Hire a Private Jet from:

Hire a Private Jet to / from Bournemouth Airport, Manston Airport, Biggin Hill Airport, Southampton Airport, Exeter Airport, Newquay Airport, Farnborough Airport, London City Airport, Northolt Airport, Luton Airport, Southend Airport, Bristol Airport, Oxford Airport, Cambridge Airport, Norwich Airport, Coventry Airport, Birmingham Airport, East Midlands Airport, Liverpool Airport, Blackpool Airport, Humberside Airport, Leeds Bradford Airport, Teesside Airport, Newcastle Airport, Glasgow Prestwick Airport, Edinburgh Airport, Dundee Airport, Aberdeen Airport, Inverness Airport, Kirkwall Airport, Sumburgh (LSI) Airport, Cork Airport, Dublin Airport, Weston Airport, Shannon Airport, Belfast Airport, Kerry Airport, Londonderry Airport, Cardiff Airport, Stansted Airport, Shoreham Airport, Fairoaks Airport and Lydd Airport.

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